If you are British and over the age of 40, you grew up with crap coffee. Particularly when you were are on the move, at places of transportation. Especially on train platforms. So many of the transport chains tried  to pretend that they were as good as anything you might find on the high street and the leading coffee retail … Read More

Body Shop Ant-Fracking Nanas

Body Shop has a rich history of charity and activism. And now like the Shippams of charities, they have potted them both. A range of Charity Pots including, with one of the best brand names I’ve heard in recent memory, ‘Nanas Against Fracking’. It’s such a great idea to connect charity and consumer via a new form of affinity. And … Read More

Can you get excited about Italian gratings?

Here is the home page for an Italian safety gratings company. Now, I know it is from Italy, but still. And these guys produce some very fine gratings. Very fine. But all they can muster to pitch themselves is the equivalent of the ‘Big D Nuts’ ‘girl’ of 1970’s pub-fame (or infamy). A bit of a lame attempt to muster … Read More

‘Odeon’ & cinema branding

Take the origin of the name ‘odeon’ literally and you start to imagine a radically different way of marketing cinemas. Small Greek theatres in which dramatic artists submitted their works to the public for approval. The idea of cinemas as theatres is a simple but directive one.  Theatres and cinemas share so much but differ so widely. They are both … Read More

Brand Provocation

Knowing yourself is a gift. For businesses it is an essential asset. Self-awareness allows a company to connect with the truth of who they are, what they do & more fundamentally why they do it. There is no substitute for the process of gaining self-awareness in the definition of its brand. Look inward first, to be able to look outward … Read More

Virgin trains thinks ahead

Virgin knows a thing or two about acting heroically. Revolution this, up against the established that, VFM, customer service etc. etc. Here, in a campaign for Trains is an idea of the consumer acting  heroically, with traveling pitched as a date with destiny and the chance for ‘Glory’. It is classic Virgin territory. Bold, emotive, maverick. And if those aren’t … Read More

Singer donates her eyes

There is a very simple but powerful new campaign for the RNIB ( Royal National Institute for the Blind). Dame Shirley Bassey lends her eyes to the work. She appears with her characteristically diamond-sparkler eyes, shut. And is motionless until her eyes open wide and she once again becomes animated. Its a study in empathy and an insight into how … Read More

Cancer Research brand strategy

For a long time now, Cancer Research has employed a simple but effective strategy to gain attention, time and money for the cause of fighting cancer. They have taken the ‘fight’ literally, turning it into a proper battle between protagonist/ antagonist, good vs ill. This allows people to firmly take sides, feel more engaged in the crusade against the disease … Read More


  Leith walk ‘graffiti’? Is this Graffiti?    

Whyte & Mackay

A striking poster from Whyte & Mackay, somewhere near Leith. However, whats the idea for this well known blend from Glasgow? Smoothness. A result no doubt from the Triple Distillation favoured a little further west than Glasgow in Ireland. However the most interesting point is the headline ‘Surprisingly Smooth’, suggesting that most of us would have thought it pretty rough? Either … Read More